2019 Jadwin Memorial

8th Annual Jim Jadwin Memorial Baseball Tournament

June 21 -23, 2019

Congratulations to Jefferson County Post 33 out of Steubenville OH who went 5 – 1 in the 2019  and be crowned the 2019 Jadwin Memorial Champions! Post 33 knocked off runner-up Waverly Post 142 at VA Memorial Stadium 12 – 3.  

Thank you to all the teams that participated in the tournament and to all of the umpires and volunteers for a great tournament!!

2019 Jadwin Memorial

2019 Jadwin Seeding after Pool Player
  1. Waverly Post 142 
  2. Jefferson County Post 33
  3. Ashland Post 76
  4. Harrison Post 199
  5. Blissfield Post 325
  6. Toledo Post 553
  7. Chillicothe Post 757
  8. Portsmouth Post 23
  9. Greenville Post 140
  10. Hillsboro Post 129

Previous Tournament Results

Year Champion Runner Up 3rd place
2018 Wheeling WV Post 1 Ashland KY Post 76 Blissfield MI | Jackson OH
2017 Ida MI Post 514 Sidney OH Post 217 Adrian MI Post 275
2016 Circleville OH Post 134 Cambridge OH Post 84 Ashland KY Post 76
2015 Mother Nature Mother Nature Mother Nature
2014 Ida MI Post 514 Toledo OH Post 587 Clare Burt MI Post 248
2013 Sandusky OH Post 83 Pickerington OH Post 283 Zanesville OH Post 29
2012 Piqua OH Post 84 Steubenville OH Post 33 Zanesville OH Post 29
Teams that have participated in the Jim Jadwin Memorial tournament since 2012:
  1. Adrian (MI) Post 275**
  2. Ashland (KY) Post 76***
  3. Berkley (MI) Post 374*
  4. Cambridge (OH) Post 84**
  5. Chillicothe (OH) Post 62 ****
  6. Chillicothe (OH) Post 757 ******
  7. Circleville (OH) Post 134*****
  8. Clare Burt (MI) Post 248*
  9. East Lansing (MI) Post 205*
  10. Great Lakes (OH) Post 743 ****
  11. Greenville (OH) Post 140***
  12. Grove City (OH) Post 164*
  13. Hammond (TN) Post 3*
  14. Hillsboro (OH) Post 129***
  15. Ida (MI) Post 514**
  16. Jackson (OH) Post 81**
  17. Lancaster (OH) Post 11**
  18. Latrobe (PA) Post 515 *
  19. Mason (WV) Post 23*
  20. Motor City (MI) Post 1*
  21. Ottawa (OH) Post 63***
  22. Pickerington (OH) Post 283*
  23. Piqua (OH) Post 184***
  24. Portsmouth (OH) Post 23***
  25. Richmond (IN) Post 65*
  26. Sandusky (OH) Post 83***
  27. Sidney (OH) Post 217*
  28. Steubenville (OH) Post 33***
  29. Toledo (OH) Post 335/587 ****
  30. Waverly (OH) Post 142**
  31. Wheeling (WV) Post 1*
  32. Zanesville (OH) Post 29******
* Represents # of Jadwin Tournaments Played
2019 Jim Jadwin Memorial Tournament Rules:
  • The Jim Jadwin Memorial tournament is an invitational American Legion Baseball Tournament and any rule not addressed specifically below will be covered by the most current version of the National American Legion Rule Book for Senior American Legion Baseball.
  • After committee discussion and due to National Rule Books modifications in 2018: we have decided to allow for RE-ENTRY(pg. 16S) and COURTESY RUNNERS (pg. 8G) per the 2018 American Legion Baseball Rule Book
  • Official Baseball Rules - Designated Hitter (DH) rule (pitcher only) will be used in tournament play as outlined in the Official Rules of Baseball.
  • A coin-flip is conducted to determine home team for all games in pool play; higher seed will be home team after the tournament seeding is complete.
  • Teams will play seven-inning games (weather permitting).
  • A two-hour time limit will be in effect for all games on Thursday, Friday & Saturday of the tournament; the official time will be noted by the home plate umpire and start from the 1st pitch of the game (NOTE: Both head coaches should verify start time with the umpire). No new innings will start after 2 hours. If tie after completed inning, the visiting team puts the player that made the last out in the previous inning on second base. All new batters start with 3 balls & 2 strikes. Teams will begin the inning with 0 outs. If 3 extra innings are completed and the game remains tied, both teams will tie and be credited with 1/2 a point for seeding purposes.
  • No time limit will be used in the championship round on Sunday (weather permitting)
  • The 10-run mercy rule will be in effect after 4 1/2 or 5 complete innings.
  • Either drop -3 BBCOR-certified or wood bats may be used in the tournament. Using an illegal bat will result to an automatic out to the batter
  • Coaches shall follow established American Legion Baseball pitching limits.
  • Coaches shall always used best judgment related to pitching restrictions.
  • NOTE: the tournament will not monitor pitching but expects coaches to adhere to established Legion rules and act responsibly.
  • In the event of a forfeit the winning team will be credited with a 1-0 victory for seeding purposes. If possible, the tournament committee will resolve forfeits by making scheduling changes. Forfeits will be used ONLY if schedule changes can not be made to accommodate tournament schedule.
  • A team who forfeits a pool play game may not advance to play in a playoff or championship game.
  • Seeding is based on win/loss record, In case of a tie in points between two or more teams, the following tiebreaker system will be used to determine the seeding of the teams:
    • 1. Head-to-head record between the two teams that are tied for the final spot (head-to-head record only applied if tie is between the two teams).
    • 2.Fewest runs allowed between the tied team/s.
    • 3. Highest total run differential; NOTE: Total run differential is the sum of each game's differential.
    • 4. If there is still a tie, then the teams which are tied will come down to a coin toss.
  • In the case of adverse weather, games may be moved to other locations at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.
  • All reasonable efforts will be made to complete games as scheduled; conditions related to adverse weather can NOT be prevented.
  • If games are behind due to weather or games have been stopped due to weather any games with the Home team leading after 4 1/2 innings the Home team will be declared the winner.
  • If a game can not be started within 1 hour of its scheduled start time due to bad weather every effort will be made to reschedule the game. If we are unable to reschedule the game for any reason the game will be cancelled and each team will receive 1/2 win and 1/2 loss
Participating teams are asked to help with foul balls both on and off the baseball field as well help keep dugouts picked up.   TOURNAMENT REFUND POLICY
  • Any game started is considered a game played as umpires have been paid
  • 0 games played - 90% refund
  • 1 game played - 50% refund
  • The Home team will be the official book for that particular game. Visiting coaches are encouraged to periodically check with the home team coaches to make sure everything is correct.
  • The Chillicothe Post 757 Colts, as the host team in the tournament, shall have the right to use their dugout (third base dugout) at Joseph W. Hoffman Field.
  • Final game scores shall be texted to the Tournament Director by both coaches within one hour of completed game.
You are NOT required to stay in these hotels - we are simply providing options of hotels that we've worked with over the last several years for our baseball tournaments.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites
    • 300 North Plaza Boulevard
    • Chillicothe OH 45601
  • Quality Inn Chillicothe
    • 20 North Plaza Boulevard
    • Chillicothe OH 45601
  • Best Western Adena Inn
    • 1250 N. Bridge Street
    • Chillicothe OH 45601
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Chillicothe
    • 100 North Plaza Boulevard
    • Chillicothe OH 45601
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