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2020 Chillicothe Round Robin

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July 10 - 12, 2020

6 team round-robin tournament, 7 inning games, no new innings after 2 hours of play (Texas shootout)

Teams will play 5 games (2 games Friday, 2 games Saturday & 1 game Sunday)

Entry fee is $800/team All teams guaranteed 2 games at VA Memorial Stadium

Any questions or if you wish to enter your team please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teams as of 2/29/2020 - Chillicothe 757 (paid in full), Troy Post 43 (paid in full), Ohio Bison 18U, Guernsey County Miners 18u (paid in full), Dayton Classics (paid in full), and Athens HS -

Final Standings for Tournament

  1. Dayton Classics, 3-2, 11 RA
  2. Troy Post 43, 3-2, 27 RA
  3. Guernsey County, 3-2, 29 RA
  4. 757 White (SS), 2-2, 19 RA
  5. 757 Blue (SS), 2-2, 29 RA
  6. Ohio Bison, 1-4, 53 RA
Date  Day  Time  VA Memorial Stadium Chillicothe 757 American Legion Hoffman Field
Jul 10 FRI   9 am Dayton Classics v Colts Blue (11-0)
 11:30 am Dayton Classics v Ohio Bison (11-1) Troy Legends v Guernsey County (12-1)
 2 pm Colts Blue v Ohio Bison (4-3)
 4:30 pm Chillicothe Colts v Troy Legends (7-5)
 7 pm Chillicothe Colts v Guernsey County (5-2, 8 innings)
Jul 11  SAT   9 am Dayton Classics v Troy Legends (4-1) x
11:30 am Colts Blue v Guernsey County (11-10) Ohio Bison v Chillicothe Colts (12-7)
2 pm x Dayton Classics v Chillicothe Colts (5-0)
4:30 pm x Colts Blue v Troy Legends (5-4)
7 pm x Ohio Bison v Guernsey County (19-2)
Jul 12 SUN 9 am Ohio Bison v Troy Legends (8-4) Colts Blue v Chillicothe Colts (CANC)
11:30 am Dayton Classics v Guernsey County (13-1)


2020 Chillicothe Round Robin Rules

  • Teams are permitted to use a DH (for any position) and/or EH in the tournament
  • Courtesy runners are permitted (not required) for pitchers and catchers at any time
  • Either drop -3 BBCOR-certified or wood bats may be used in the tournament. 
  • A coin-flip is conducted to determine the home team for all games in pool play; the higher seed will be the home team after tournament seeding is complete.
  • Teams will play seven-inning games (weather permitting)
  • A two-hour time limit will be in effect for all games; the official time will be noted by the home plate umpire and start from the 1st pitch of the game (NOTE: It is the responsibility of both coaches to determine start time with the umpire).  No new innings will start after 2 hours.  If a game is tied when the two-hour time limit goes into effect the shootout rule applies: The visiting team puts the player that made the last out in the previous inning on second base.  All new batters start with 3 balls & 2 strikes.  Teams will begin the inning with 0 outs. After 2 extra innings are completed and the game remains tied, both teams will tie and be credited with 1/2 a point for seeding purposes. All teams should be at the field at least 30 minutes prior to their game time - the next game will start 15 minutes after the previous game. 
  • The Home team will be the official book for that particular game. Visiting coaches are encouraged to check with the home team coaches to make sure books are in sync.
  • In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will be credited with a 1-0 victory for seeding purposes. If possible, the tournament committee will resolve forfeits by making scheduling changes. Forfeits will be used ONLY if schedule changes can not be made to accommodate teams. 
  • The Chillicothe Post 757 Colts, as the host team in the tournament, shall have the right to use their dugout (third base dugout) at Joseph W. Hoffman Field.
  • All coaches shall use best judgment related to pitching restrictions;  
  • NOTE: the tournament will not monitor pitching but expects coaches to use the best judgment and adhere to established tournament pitch count rules.
  • The 10-run mercy rule will be in effect after 5 innings of play or 4 1/2 innings if the home team has the last at-bat.
  • All final game scores shall be texted to the tournament directors by both coaches within one hour of the game is completed


Final Standings will be determined by the following:

1. The head-to-head record between the two teams that are tied for the final spot (head-to-head record only applied if a tie is between the two teams).

2. Fewest runs allowed between the tied team/s.

3. Highest total run differential; NOTE: Total run differential is the sum of each game's differential.   

4. If there is still a tie, then the teams which are tied will come down to a coin toss.


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